Swag blocks

Operations performed on a swage block include but are not limited to bending, cutting, punching and forming with the use of a hammer. The primary feature for the artist blacksmith is the bowl and semispherical depressions. The sides are usually scalloped with half rounds, 90 degree V grooves and half hexes to present formed shapes for forging operations.

You can use the sides to forge gun barrels, or to make the curve on a wheel or finish a wheel rim. Other shapes, such as the half hexagon, can be used with a matching fuller die to form a hexagonal cross-section on a bar.

A swage or swedge block is a large, heavy block of cast iron or steel used in smithing with various sized shapes in its face and forms on the sides. Pieh Tool Swage Block, Small.

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All Rights Reserved. To create online store ShopFactory eCommerce software was used.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. We are shipping as normal, but have closed our walk-in sales department. Swage Blocks or forming blocks for shaping, sinking, utensils and many other uses.

It is a universal bottom swage for round and squares. The perimeter often has rounds and v blocks. They are often graduated, concave spaces. Some blocks have piecing holes of different sizes and some have areas to press sheet into for special types of products.

swag blocks

See our blacksmith trunion swage block now back in stock after a several year hiatus. Some folks just use a stump to sink their bowls, ladles and spoons into. Obviously over time, sometimes a very short time, the stump just wears out. Swage blocks don't have these issues. Get many, many tools all in one place and with a lifespan of lifetimes when used correctly.

We are praying for all folks experiencing problems due to the Corona virus. As soon as restrictions are cancelled we will open the store back up. Thank you, Stay Healthy and Safe. Home Tools Swage Blocks. Swage Blocks. View as Grid List. Show 12 18 Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Write your review. Add to Cart. Swage Block - 60 lb. Swage Block - 20 lb.Blacksmith Swage Blocks and Cone Mandrels for Sale Although they're not the first tools you might think of, swage blocks and cone mandrels can be an essential part of a blacksmith's toolkit.

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A blacksmith swage block is a large, heavy block of cast iron or steel used for shaping, sinking, and molding utensils. There are a variety of swage blocks with different piecing holes, often specialized for certain products. A cone mandrel is an expanding mandrel, which can be used to form certain metal objects. Centaur Forge offers several swage blocks for sale, as well as a mini-mandrel cone to help you be a better, more precise blacksmith.

Instead of using a stump to sink your bowls, ladles, spoons, and other manufactured pieces, a swage block will last much longer. A stump can wear out in just several years and only last several hundred uses. A blacksmith's swage block is several tools in one and can last the equivalent of lifetimes. With various shapes including semi-circular, hexagonal, and square, a swage block can save you time and effort.

A cone mandrel can help you size rings, as well as other circular objects. It's a useful tool in any blacksmith's arsenal. Centaur Forge has been a leader in supplying blacksmith and farrier supplies for over five decades.

We know the industry and our products, and we have the experience to help you with your order. Centaur Forge is committed to giving you the best deal by offering flat rate shipping to U.

Give us a call at or place your order online, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Order your swage block or mandrel cone from Centaur Forge and improve your blacksmithing. Description Item Number. Why a Swage Block or Cone Mandrel is Right for You Instead of using a stump to sink your bowls, ladles, spoons, and other manufactured pieces, a swage block will last much longer.

Get Great Customer Service from Centaur Forge Centaur Forge has been a leader in supplying blacksmith and farrier supplies for over five decades. All rights reserved. Centaur Swage Block A. Centaur Swage Block B. Centaur Mini Swage Block. Centaur Mini-Mandrel Cone.Cone Gallery. Gallery of Antique and Modern Swage Blocks. Catalog and Book Source Gallery: Old catalog pages and printed swage block research material with bibliography. For better organization we have separated print information from the photos.

Bronze Age Swage Block: This year old bronze age tool may be the oldest known tool of its type.

swag blocks

Click images or link for more. Antique Personal or Custom Swage Block: This block is typical of personal patterns made by early smiths for their own use. Greenwood Collection Click images for more. Anvil Swage: An old anvil swage from Israel. Anvil Swage: An old anvil swage from France. Small Industrial Block on Stand: Mint condition 12" block and stand. Square Block with legs and square holes: Unique block with integral legs and only square holes.

Large unusual Swage Block: Unusual holes mark this block from Canada as unique. Whose pattern is it? A modern tale.

Blacksmith Swage Blocks and Cone Mandrels for Sale

Unique specialty block: A special block made for forging one particular part. Click images for more. Unique Hollow British Block: This swage block is unusual that it has a hollow underneath.

Two views. Unusual Rectangular Block: This block was thought to be a personal pattern but has proven to be commercial. Cheese swage block pattern: An artist blacksmiths' block similar to round jeweler's dapping block. Fisher swage block pattern: Block pattern from the Fisher-Norris Company. Progressive Engineering Works Patterns: Two old swage block patterns more. Industrial Swage Block: This is a fairly typical industrial swage block. General Purpose Swage Block: This is a good old heavy duty general purpose design seen in a Pennsylvania antique shop.

Unusual Industrial Swage Block: Triangular and rectangular holes mark this as an unusual block. The two making a set. Common Industrial Swage Block: Drawing and definition of a standard industrial swage block. Common Industrial Swage Block: Photo of old industrial swage block. Jewelers Dapping Blocks: Miniature swage blocks for detail work more.

Peddinghaus Work Block: Portable combination swage and tool holder block more. Spoon and Bowl Swage: Unusual spoon and bowl swage probably designed for silversmiths, from the Steve Prillwitz collection.

Artist Blacksmith Block: Artist Blacksmith block has several unusual and familiar features. Dense Industrial Swage Block: A very stout "dense" swage block.This was a project I had never thought about from the aspect of the fabricating stand point other than machining and carving a block from solid.

But a question by a member of our forum got me thinking on this line and brought about this article. Recently I had been working on articles about fabricating anvils and many of those methods fit this subject as well. Like many DIY projects this one is labor intensive. It also requires a lot of welding which may cost as much as a good small block.

Do not overlook the cost of electricity when doing such projects. The drawing above was my initial response. It was not very well thought out. The square and round holes are too close together. They should have thick walls or spacers between them. However, it shows the basics of construction. Pieces of angle, pipe and bar all cut the same length are welded together to make a solid block with holes and forming shapes. Heavy bar strengthens and spaces the shapes apart. Where there are odd shaped holes to fill pieces of round bar of various sizes are inserted then welded over.

Besides using structurals and holes built up from flats a fabricated block can also have solid pieces with drilled holes and milled slots. Very small holes should be in a plate much thinner than the block with a larger opening underneath.

A fabricated block could also have shallow bowls or other impressions created in thick plate. Blocks can also have various curved surfaces. The most difficult thing to obtain for this project is the pipe sizes you may want. Note that standard threaded pipe is sized on its OD for a nominal ID.

The wall thickness varies making the ID smaller. So if you have schedule 40 and schedule pipe, the will have a much smaller ID.

Swage block

Many hardware stores carry standard pipe "nipples" threaded at both ends. The maximum length is 6" with threads. However, some places also carry short lengths of pipe starting at about 18". X-Frame: To be able to take the punishment that is typical of an industrial swage block it needs to be able to resist being pounded with a sledge.

The X-Frame carries that load to the corners of the block which are normally supported in an open bottomed stand.

swag blocks

Drawn to represent a 12 x 12 x 4" block the bars are 12" x Square root of 2 1. For maximum strength the two bars are notched, the notches weld prepped and then welded. Corners where square holes will be should be clean and without fillets.

X-Frame Joint Prepped and welded horizontal using E rods for a smooth flat bead. Clean up corners where they are finished surfaces of square holes.Saltfork Craftsmen ABA Swage Blocks [Click on each picture to see a larger picture in a new window] These swage blocks are new castings from a good grade of cast iron. The as-cast edges need to be radius ground as well before use.

The club felt that most folks would rather do their own clean up, and it also helps us keep the cost down. Most of the depressions cast pretty clean; some take a little grinding to make really smooth.

Typical of a sand cast part. The one in the photo has only been wire brushed — no other grinding -- it's as cast. The amount of grinding and polishing you do is your choice. Photo Note: Pictured is one block; it simply took two photos to show both sides. There are patterns on all 6 faces of the cube. Shipping is additional If, you want us to ship a swage block to you, contact our shipper, who can also give you the cost of shipping: Nature Farms Farrier Supply National Drive Norman, OK We try to have blocks on hand at Saltfork monthly club meetings — no shipping cost.

This site was last updated: 16 April About Us. Member Gallery. Membership Application. These swage blocks are new castings from a good grade of cast iron. The Artists-Blacksmith's Association of North America was established in and since its inception has played a major role in the recognition and resurgence of Artist-Blacksmiths in North America.A swage block or swager block is a large, heavy block of cast iron or steel used in smithingwith variously-sized holes in its face and usually with forms on the sides.

The through-holes are of various shapes and sizes and are used to hold, support or back up a hot bar of metal for further shaping.


Operations performed on a swage block include but are not limited to bending, cutting, punching and forming. The sides are scalloped to present formed shapes for forging operations. Shapes are for example the curve of a wheelwhich could be used to finish a wheel rim, using a suitable hammer.

Other shapes, such as the half hexagoncan be used with a matching top swage to form a hexagonal cross-section on a bar. The various shapes around the edge of the swage block all have corresponding shapes in the form of top swages to shape iron bar into various sections. The image shows a inch, square swage block with various semi-circular, hexagonal, and square shapes around its perimeter along with a selection of through-holes.

There are two general types of swage block: Industrial, as described above, and artistic. Artist Blacksmiths sometimes require a tool that will allow metal to be formed in ways that an anvil or traditional industrial swage block will not allow, a special Artists' block is then often used. As with industrial swage blocks, artistic blocks come in many shapes and sizes; common features are hemispherical and ovoid depressions, asymmetrical curves and non-standard angled planes i.

In addition, individual blocks may contain unique features of specific use or relevance to a particular smith or branch of the blacksmithing craft. The example pictured below is a block ten inches square by four inches deep and allows a smith to form metal to various angles and shapes, most notably as spoons, ladles and funnels.

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swag blocks

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