Sap fico implementation steps

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sap fico implementation steps

Thank you for the fresh content and information you provide. This really helps learner like me. Keep sharing knowledge. Happy to read. Got to learn new things from your Blog as it gives best info about detailed answers for SAP Project implementation. Thanks for sharing such a great useful information Management Consulting Services. Nice article. Very Informative. Thanks for sharing wonderful information. ASAP helps to. ASAP integrates the following three components:. ASAP Roadmap.

Tools Questionnaires, templates, etc.SAP projects are long and intense. They require lots of effort and many resources from developers and managers. It can be really tricky if SAP projects are not planned in a proper form. SAP itself gives a proper methodology to design the project so it will give reliable results. The ASAP methodology provides the proper framework for an implementation roadmap.

ASAP Methodology divides a project according to these vital phases. Each phase is considered a milestone.


The project management team can concentrate on the current phase and start preparing for the next phase. This also provides a better roadmap and work distribution.

The ASAP methodology provides a framework for SAP projects for implementation and enhancement as well for the customization needed for production support. Here we are going to discuss all the steps in detail. In ASAP methodology, the project is broken down into six phases. This provides ease in completion and gives an easy focus for the project management team.

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thank you for an insightful article. May I consult your expertise on a relevant SAP topic? Thank you for sharing about asap methodology. Thank you for sharing about ASAP methodology - although i only knew about traditional waterfall method and AGile methodology - Nice article. Thanks for sharing the valuable information.

We are also expert in SAP implementation and support services. For more details visit our website. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.Many people avoid due its complexity, as integration of high cost with other modules.

The main objective of this phase is to plan total dollars and quantities in each cost center plant. In transaction KP06, cost center dollars are scheduled by Activity type and cost element. Fixed and variable dollars can be entered. User can plan costs in production cost centers which wind up through allocations. In transaction KP26, the cost center quantities are planned by Activity type. Planning activity quantities based on useful installed capacity accounts for interruption is the best practice.

The main aim of this phase is to estimate the rates of each activity plan in each cost center in a plant. We can also use a blended approach and plan rates for few cost centers and activities and to calculate other rates based on the last activities.


Once we plan costs for all cost centers, we can avoid the next step of plan allocations. Use plan assessments and distributions to allocate costs when the planned costs acquired in overhead cost centers. The key dissimilarity between assessments and distributions is that distribution keeps the primary cost element Identity of the cost. Assessments are secondary cost elements which act as a cost shipper to move costs. We can use assessments, distributions or blended approach of both.

Now, execute the cost center plan which rips cost when we have more than one activity type. The cost has to be ripped based on the activity quantity and other source. If the cost is adverse, you can revise the cost plans and recalculate the rates. Step 3 : Quantity Structure. This step helps you to estimate the components of manufactured goods, cost of sold goods based on the BOM and Routing. Quantity Structure is a key concept. It is a fundamental integration point between Finance and Logistics modules.

There are several components of Quantity Structure namely:. Production versions refer to a combination of a BOM and master recipe or routing required for material production.

Costing run is used to cost mass volumes of materials in a particular company code. This allows user to select materials, detonate quantity structure, cost, analyse, mark and release. Materials are costed for the duration of the annual or monthly costing process.

To execute costing runs, analyse results, mark and release costs transaction CK40N is used. This can be formed using controlling area, costing version, costing variant, company code and transfer control. Therefore, costing run can only be made for one company at a time.SAP certification training centers in India.

Labels: SAP certification training centers in India. Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Document Splitting Configuration steps with example. Document Splitting You can use the document splitting procedure to split up line items for selected dimensions such as receivable lines FI-GL Give some examples of GL accounts that should be posted automatically through the system and how is this defined in the syst Material Ledger What precautions have to be taken while switching on the material ledger for a plant?

A material ledger once activat SAP Certification training centers in Delhi. Shivansh Solutions Pvt. HCL Infosystems. A, Sector-2 Noida-India. Siemens Information Systems.

SAP Certification training centers in Mumbai. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. Delphi Computech Pvt Ltd.

SAP FICO -1st step to SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance

Genovate Solutions India. SAP Certification training centers in Hyderabad. Ami Tech India Pvt. Lithan Genovate. SAP Certification training centers in Bangalore. Email Id: info editindia. Source One Management Services Pvt. Siemens Information Systems Ltd. Dhanashree Chachad Email Id: sapatcblr.When you go to interview, you must be specific at some points as how many years u r in Support, Implementation and Rollout projects.

And you must be able to explain the works you had done in the respective projects. Function Modules:. Technical Module :. Rollout exactly means, expanding the business after Implementation.

An Organisation whis is started in one country, expanding their services to other countries, follows Rollout. Exactly in Rollout we can find that the Organization works accordingly to Government there in other countries like. Taxation: As the taxation will be different in other countries.

Ex: Some allowances, Income Tax, etc.

Introduction to SAP CO - What is SAP Controlling - SAP CO configuration step by step -

Master Data: As the new employees join the organization. So many modifications should be done according to Country. So Rollout is little tough but effective after completion. After Implementation completed, Support is in Action. But in our scenario Implementation errors will be rectified in Support i.

sap fico implementation steps

SAP Upgrade means upgrading the software with a latest version which has got more advantages i. Bugs fixed compared to previous version. Example: Just thinkthis is out of topic but easy to describe the above concept easily. Android Phone with Version 2.

Hi Srikanth Muthyala. Please give me real time details and revert me back. Thank you for sharing beautifully written information. Former Member. Posted on October 15, 2 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. Exactly in Rollout we can find that the Organization works accordingly to Government there in other countries like Taxation: As the taxation will be different in other countries. Master Data: As the new employees join the organization So many modifications should be done according to Country.

Bugs fixed compared to previous version Example: Just thinkthis is out of topic but easy to describe the above concept easily. Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts. Related Questions. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post. Santosh Sharma.

sap fico implementation steps

March 25, at am.Evaluation may be a decision to choose between different software vendors or selection of products from a single vendor. Since a SAP implementation intends to map the organization processes to the ones defined by SAP, the implementation needs to have on-board people with complete knowledge of the organization business processes.

The project preparation phase, amongst other things, aims to identify this team. A business blueprint includes what modules of a SAP product would be used and the mapping of the existing business processes to the processes provided by SAP. The actual work of customizing the SAP software to be in sync with the organizations business processes is done in this phase.

It includes customization of existing SAP package and solution along with the development of new objects based on requirement. The changes made in the realization phase need to be tested in isolation as well as in a consolidated manner using real-time data. This is done in the testing phase. The production system is prepared using the changes from the realization and testing phases. Certain activities need to be done directly in the production system as well. These activities take place during the final preparation phase.

In this stage, the final product is released to the end-users. The go-live may be done in a Big Bang all modules at one go or in a phase-by-phase manner.

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