Midheaven yod

For those who are unfamiliar or have never heard of it, Yod is the astrological aspect with one sextile and two quincunxes that form a narrow triangle. States rightly, in my opinion, as someone who has a Yod in their Natal Chart, that the yod contains hidden energy and information in the aspect. Which is not revealed until the Yod owner learns the lessons, needed to activate the Yodal energy.

There is an old occult saying, which is the ring will pass not, meaning someone can have something pointing out to them a million times. Indeed they can experience it 1 million times; however, they will not gain an understanding of the meaning behind their experiences. This is why it appears some individuals never learn their lessons in love, in fact, esotericically they are things that one can understand from observing with our out sight.

The yod, regardless of whether it is the finger of God, itself or not, is differently a strong aspect and can override another mundane aspect in the chart, even strong ones like oppositions. Joan Kellogg, in her book, also states that the yod is a powerful and positive energy which opens the door to higher spiritual knowledge and service, once the yod native has learned their lessons. The yod, its the signpost to your life purpose in your natal chart, however, because the language of intuition comes from within, and not without.

It can be hard to understand, mainly because we are always rushing around nowadays, not taking any time to be still and at one with ourselves.

Midheaven Signs

Indeed we are often running away from ourselves into the arms of our toxic addictions and relationships. The Quincunx aspect, which makes up the YOD, is between two not quite compatible planets, and for them to work, they need to adjust and accept, one another.

Left-brained thinking and rationale are not applicable when discussing the astrological yod aspect. Or it can remain as tricky as a square as quincunx energy can be complicated to navigate because of the sear incompatibility of the planetary energies involved. If there is something in your life that is good and not so good at times that cannot be steered in a particular direction, whether in business or relationship, chances are quincunx energy propels it.

The Yod aspect requires that you learn your life lessons, slowing down from the rat race to get aligned with your higher self. The Yod aspect in astrology can create relationships, experiences and events, which occur in the life of a person, not out of their own choice, but in a karmic manner. It is thought by many astrologers that the individuals who have the yod aspect, are perfecting lessons and skills that they have spent manner lifetime trying to build up. Yods in astrology can bestow gifts such as higher intelligence or enhanced talent in spiritual fields, they can also bring about sharp turns or unusual situations in life that can lead to steep ups or downs.

And from first-hand experiences, the lows the yodel aspect drives you down to can be very low indeed, yet the highs can also be out of this World. When the Yod is taking you a life adventure, you lack control over what can and will happen, and this can be positive or negative.It is found at the very top of the chart, and it is the most public point in our chart.

The Midheaven is one of the four angles of the chart. The Midheaven is the cusp of the tenth house, and is often represented in its abbreviated form: MC. You need to know your birth time in order to determine the sign of your Midheaven.

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Planetary Aspects: Yod

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Please visit Dell Horoscope magazine at www. The stage is dim and the audience hushed as three participants take their places on the Panel. These three participants in the Panel of Life have each made significant contributions to humanity. Who are these three amazingbut very different people and what common bond do they share? Contestant number one, Martha Stewart; contestant number two, Commander James Lovell; and contestant number three, Dr. For those of you who are not familiar with the Yod configuration, it is an isosceles triangle formed by two planets sextile each other and both quincunx a third, fulcrum planet.

Like the Grand Cross, the Yod can be said to be one of the most challenging configurations that can occur in a horoscope. Are you driven by forces that seem beyond your control? Do you feel that you have a great reservoir of talent that is just within reach? Do you feel certain that you have a special purpose in life?

You may be experiencing the power of the Yod. If you have one, it will likely be the dominating factor in your chart because the Yod takes on a life of its own. Yod Bearers are driven people, haunted by the Finger of Fate to find the special purpose in life for which they have been chosen.

How does the Yod work? There is a four-way exchange of energy involved in the Yod configuration:. The sextile from planet 1 to planet 2 forms the base of the Yod, trying to stabilize the configuration. The point directly opposite the Yod Fulcrum called the Activation Point, i. The Yod energy in the Fulcrum or Foot planet is bound up in the world of form and personality until the Activation Point triggers it into action.

The quincunx also called the inconjunction is the main component of the Yod and one of the keys to understanding it, but the quincunx aspect is a trickster defying analysis by its very nature.

The disruptive, capricious quincunx creates a great deal of nervous energy that is focused on the Yod Fulcrum.Each sign may be the focal point of a balanced quincunx or Yodas listed below. For example, in a horoscope with the Sun in Aries and Mars in Leo in a quincunx aspect to Mercury in PiscesMars would usually be considered to be the stronger of the two planets since it is the ruler of the Aries Sun.

Every Quincunx partakes of this 6th and 8th house character. Aries is the initiator of the action at the focal point of the triangle. Virgo is the work and service solution in the 6th house position and, failing success in this endeavor, physical health is threatened.

Scorpio at the 8th house angle represents a bend or break influence. Virgo needs to analyze and then organize all information.

midheaven yod

There is a need to be of service and follow instructions as they are understood. At the same time, there is impatience with instructions which fail to hold up under analytical investigation.

Scorpio is even more determined to accept responsibility for getting the job done. However, Scorpio does not take kindly to orders especially when the orders seem to make no sense. Aries wants to be the pioneer, running ahead but leaving the detail to someone else until there is a problem which seems to limit their freedom. When these three try to work together, whether in one chart or between individual charts, much patience and a willingness, even a curiosity, to search beneath the surface is demanded.

If individuals are able to allow these different abilities to contribute their potential, miraculous results are possible. Quincunx influences are not to be ignored. However, the attention they demand also brings awareness which amounts to seeing around corners. All three of these signs have elements of being loners. Aries doesn't want to bother with seeing the whole picture. Virgos can live alone and like it easier than any other sign. Scorpio must be in charge, even assuming full responsibility for their relationships, even though this isn't possible.

Therefore, learning to give equal recognition to each is of primary importance. It is a demand to integrate what at first glance appears to be incompatible. However, when you are able to recognize the value of each individual approach you are putting much more to work for you than you otherwise would be able to make use of.

If you are lucky enough to have the rulers of these signs in mutual reception you have invaluable help in using all of your resources. Pluto in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio with Mercury and possibly the Sun also in Aries has the potential for a real powerhouse of ability to get things done.

Without this kind of help, it is left up to you to manage this kind of potential in such a way as to make this kind of use of what is available. The strengths or weakness of the planets involved in this configuration is also important as to where you will find it most easy and natural to put your emphasis. If the Sun happens to be in Virgo or Scorpio, it will challenge a planet in Aries. Even Mars in its own sign Aries will find it difficult to overrule the Sun in either Virgo or Scorpio. Individuals need to be able to soften their basic nature to make use of all their potential by blending realities which seem to be as incompatible as oil and water appear to be.

Quincunxes seem to force you into another dimension which overrules what your mind tells you is or is not possible. A spiritual messenger seems to whisper that conflicting influences can work harmoniously.

midheaven yod

Militarism is bred in Libra as a result of the inability to blend these three parts of this balanced quincunx. The inability to see around this corner makes it difficult to differentiate noble passion from military heroism. This represents a slave role. Yours is but to do or die. Both of these signs are highly mental. However, the mentality is geared to getting the job done. Aries steers the project while Virgo's mentality is assigned the role of organizing all the information in the best possible manner in order to accomplish what will satisfy the demands being made.

The major problem comes in communication.Just when you thought you had most of the important Astrology Signs in your birth chart figured out, here's another one: your Midheaven Sign. What are Midheaven Signs? Your Midheaven Sign is the Zodiac Sign that was at the southern highest point above the horizon at the moment you were born.

midheaven yod

This southern highest point is also known as the Medium Coeli, or MC for short. The Midheaven is the entrance to the tenth house and relates to your career, reputation and social standing. These are your most visible achievements in the eyes of the world. This will guide you to your professional achievements and responsibilities.

Your life's purpose, if you will. Your highest aspirations in life. Your Midheaven Sign should give you some insight into what you need to realize your full place in life. You also must consider any planets that may be found in your ninth and tenth houses; they will modify the end results and make a difference in what career you ultimately choose and how successful you will be.

Of course, sometimes one must work at a job that isn't right, and it can wreak havoc upon you, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. By focusing on your MC, you can refocus on your ideal. Coupled with your natural talents and inclinations, you should eventually find your place in the world and become re-energized. You can also use your Midheaven Sign to understand your personal and spiritual goals.

You can gain insight into why you react the way you do to stressful situations. Being social is different for everyone. The MC can help you learn to trust your best social qualities to cultivate.

It will show you how others perceive you. This can help you ascertain if your public "face" is helpful to you or not. Exact birth time is required. Astrology Signs in your Birth Chart - Home. Moon Signs: Understanding Your Emotions. Love Signs and Love Compatibility.Updated: Dec 24, Never really acquainted with Yods, these past few months I have been exposed to a ridiculously high amount of charts with Yods.

Whether it's with my clients, friends, celebrities, strangers, in my dreams, Yods became a central part of my life and, following the universe clues, I researched. I started wondering if my sudden obsession for Yods meant I had one myself? Why was I so exposed to it? I found out my current solar return was composed by a Yod and my chart ruler is currently the fulcrum of a Yod by transit. My interest was definitely piqued, and thanks to the work of brilliant astrologers such as Sister Ray or Karen Hamaker-Zondag I built my own understanding of this pattern.

What are Yods? The two planets shooting quincunxes towards the third are linked by a sextile. The two planets sextile form a base, a strength. The third planet fulcrum receiving all the energy is a focus, a purpose; but there is an uneasiness about it, a stress, an anxiety, a restlessness.

In order to understand why, we need to understand the quincunx.

Chiron’s Curse

The quincunx in itself is extremely stressful, it's not as aggressive as a square, but it isn't less powerful. It's an itchy feeling, feeling inadequate, feeling clumsy, feeling separated and conflicted. Having a Yod in your natal chart means that in this life, you feel compelled to achieve certain things, all your life seems oriented towards the same goal, there's a fire pushing you to accomplish something. A Moon fulcrum will be mostly motivated by becoming a Mother, a nurturing force -for her own children or for the children of the world.

A Uranus fulcrum is meant to revolutionize, a Pluto fulcrum wants to transform, and so on. And that is why a Yod is formed by quincunxes and not trines. First, the fulcrum receives not one but two quincunxes.

midheaven yod

It is so stressful that the energy of the fulcrum planet can be completely exacerbated. It gives children and later adults who express the qualities of the fulcrum planet to the fullest of its capacities, extremely Lunar, extremely Uranian to the point that the family can become overwhelmed and fail to understand what the child is trying to express. Growing up the person keeps this feeling of being misunderstood and it will become both a uneasiness and a motor to grow.

Yod activation. Now each Yod holder will know a turning point in their life, and this point can be seen through the activation point. It is found in the mid-point between the two legs of the Yod.Neptune is making a sextile to Uranus and both quincunx my Saturn in Aries. Can you help? The Yod, or Finger of God configuration consists of three planets; the apex planet is quincunx two other planets, which are in turn sextile each other. Saturn in Aries, approaching your Saturn return, will form a Yod to your Mars and Venus because the transiting Saturn is faster moving than the two fixed natal planets.

Yods, as you may have noticed, are tricky little configurations, and some are trickier than others. To begin to understand what a Yod is about, we first need to look at what the Quincunx aspect means.

Basically, the planets have no obvious common ground and share no immediately visible connections. With Quincunxes we often feel the need to try and balance the two energies, to find a point of equilibrium as with an Opposition.

Eclipses and Yods May Validate the Time of Birth

However, unlike an opposition, there is no way to balance a Quincunx usually, that is Quincunxes usually require some sort of an adjustment somewhere along the line.

With Yods, you have not one, but two Quincunxes, and usually, this amounts to a crisis in timing. Our first instinct is to take action with the earlier planet too soon, and then we tend to wait too long and miss our chance to use the later planet.

The key to integrating and working with the Yods, is to focus on the opposition point to the apex, which is also the midpoint of the Sextile. This is the release point of the Yod. With Natal Yods, when a planet activates the Yod by transit, the time to act is when that planet reaches the midpoint of the sextile, not before, and not after.

As this configuration does not involve any personal planets, it has more to do with your experience of and relationship to social change. With the Saturn in Aries making a Yod to this sextile, you have the established authority Saturn making a mess of things because of an inability to find an acceptable point of balance. The most that this Yod could do on an individual level is to force you to make adjustments and become more aware of how you interact with and exert authority.

My native Saturn in Gemini 20 degrees 24 is sextile my retrograde natal Jupiter in Leo 17 degrees Transiting Jupiter is now very close to my natal Jupiter, and Pluto has gone retrograde after coming almost conjunct my natal moon. Please will you comment. I have read your analyses of Elaeanor's and Wendy's yods, but I am far too uniformed to be able to infer anything from them about my own.

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